Rolltop backpack

Unique recycled backpack – Italian design and craftsmanship This backpack is made from vintage leather jackets and old military uniforms   Handy and special, that’s the Zaino of the Pivvicci brand. Because there is no second as this backpack. Moreover the Zaino is very spacious, so you can take a lot with you and easily Leggi di piùRolltop backpack[…]

Paladini di Francia collection

Telling the story of the Paladins is an ancient Sicilian tradition, the puppeteers decorators of the typical cart. And that’s why Pivvicci want to rediscover their roots narrating the fighting and businesses in Orlando, Rinaldo, Angelica and Ruggero with designs and colors typical of the decoration of the Sicilian carts. The materials used are all Leggi di piùPaladini di Francia collection[…]