Rolltop backpack

Unique recycled backpack – Italian design and craftsmanship

This backpack is made from vintage leather jackets and old military uniforms


Handy and special, that’s the Zaino of the Pivvicci brand. Because there is no second as this backpack. Moreover the Zaino is very spacious, so you can take a lot with you and easily carry it on your back. So especially handy.

The Zaino is made from the leather of discarded jackets and the fabric of old military uniforms, military tents, duffel bags, et cetera. The ‘rolltop’ and closure with strap and buckle give this backpack a striking accent. Each Zaino also has two pockets on the outside. These can be patched-on pockets, but also the original pockets of a leather jacket, also giving this backpack a unique appearance.

The inside is fully lined with strong and stain-resistant fabrics for sunblinds, with two large pockets and a large zippered compartment fitted in. You wear the Zaino on the two shoulder straps. On arrival you can hang it on the loop at the top.


Every bag is different in the combination of materials and colours. So you will never see two exactly alike pieces of the Camello. They are made with great care and attention for details; a fine example of traditional Italian craftsmanship!

A large capacity, ultra-versatile, roll-top backpack is perfect for the eco-conscious.

The compact size and spacious interior of the bag allows you to carry everything you need for the day and more!

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