Upcycled ladies shopping bag – italian design & craft

● Made from various recycled and waste materials
● Design: Giuseppe Rogato
● Handicrafted in Italy
● Dimensions: 44 (w) x 36 (h) x 16 (d)
● Armhole: 26 cm

This tastefully designed shopper or tote bag is distinguished by unique combinations of used and discarded materials, such as old leather jackets and new scrap leather, military uniforms, jeans, hemp, jute, sunblinds etc. Designer Giuseppe Rogato uses these materials to create great bags with a basic design and a striking appearance.

The Spesa is a wonderfully roomy bag. Ideal for shopping, a day out or if you have to carry many files for  work. In any case. At least you can do that in a stylish way now. Next to that every bag of this model is different in the combination of materials and colours: on the outside and in the lining of sunblind fabric.


This tote bag has two pockets on the inside and closes with two magnetic snaps. The leather handles have an ideal length for both carrying the Spesa on your shoulder or on you arm.

The bags are made with great care and attention for details; a fine example of traditional Italian craftsmanship! But besides it’s striking appearance, the Spesa is in the first place a wonderful tote bag

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