Small shoulder bag

When going out, you don’t always need a large bag. Then the small shoulder bag of Pivvicci is ideal: a compact shoulder bag for all the stuff you really need. Phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, makeup and what else you can’t miss.

So far the practical aspect, because looks also count! Is made from recycled leather jackets and army fabrics. So you always have a unique bag hanging on your shoulder. The lining is from strong awning fabric and the bag closes with a zipper, so your belongings are safe from greedy hands. On the outside you find an extra pocket, with or without zipper.
● Made from second hand leather jackets ans army textiles
● Dimensions: 18 (b) x 21 (h) x 8 (d) cm
● Adjustable shoulder strap to 130 cm
● Every piece is unique
● Handicraft production in Italy

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