Patchwork – double “Reuse”

The history of patchwork technique is very old, since the American pioneers recycled old scraps of fabric to repair ruined clothing, small pieces that

would otherwise have been thrown away.

Our technique reuses the scraps left from the first processing for the realization of bags.

A double reuse of  second hand  leather jackets and military surplus.
pivvicci-patchwork-bag-01 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-02 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-03 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-04 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-05 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-06 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-07 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-08 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-09 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-010 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-012 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-013 pivvicci-patchwork-bag-014