"We turn products at the end of the life cycle because we believe that the consumer society and the waste can be born something beautiful and useful"

Pivvicci, eco-design brand from Palermo (Italy) born from the idea of the Italian designer and architect Giuseppe Rogato, who lives and works in Sicily. From his concern about the environment and interest in sustainable solutions, he started designing bags from reused and leftover materials several years ago. For his designs he collects upcycled materials all over Sicily, such as tents, blankets and uniforms from the army, jute coffee bags and leftovers from leather processing companies, upholsterers and manufacturers of sunshades. But also old jeans, denim and vintage leather jackets that he buys into the old markets. Giuseppe Rogato has combined passion for vintage object and clothes, curiosity about their origin with old craftsmanship. So, fashion can be a fun game to find out in the past and live in the present. The Pivvicci collection features several models of bags - for women and men - for work and /or daily use. For every bag Giuseppe Rogato selects combinations of materials, so that no two copies of the same model are never the same. Particularly noteworthy are the details of the original materials that are affixed to the bags, such as pockets from pants and jackets, buckles and buttons. Upcycled bags are handmade in Italy with the greatest care and precision, this not only results in beautiful, high-quality ecofashion accessories. Giuseppe Rogato also strives to revaluation of this ancient craft and awareness of environmental issues in Sicily. Combining creativity, italian craftmanship and sustainibility we create unique pieces, one of a kind, for people interested on products with a research.


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